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Great Career Alternatives for Tech Savvy Geeks and Nerds

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Dutiful parents, loving guardians and empathic teachers want only the best for their young children and students because the youth from all over the world hold the key that will unlock the door towards a brighter and more blessed future. And that is the reason why they go to great lengths to prepare young people in the way that they should go because they are the future pillars of society and world leaders who will solve the different problems, issues and predicaments that we are experiencing today. Therefore, it goes without saying that students should give their best shot in all of their classes in school, master their lessons in their different subjects, dive headfirst into their textbooks as well as ace their battery of tests and exams so that they can graduate with flying colours and become successful professionals in their chosen careers in the outside world someday.


But more often than not, instead of following their passion and pursuing what they really want to do in life like working as a technician in a MacBook service centre in Singapore so that they can help solve the problems of their countless clients and customers, there are a lot of young people who are forced down a career path by their domineering, strict and overbearing parents. Although they mean well because they only want the best and nothing less for their precious and innocent children, these misled and misinformed parents subscribe to the archaic, outdated and ignorant notion that their children should have conventional careers if they want to live a good life. And that is why they force their unwilling and downtrodden children to become lawyers, doctors, businessmen and stock brokers because they feel that this is a decision that they have the right to make.


And that is the reason why we see a lot of successful but unhappy people who are stuck in their dead-end careers because all they really want to do is work for an Apple authorised repair centre so that they can lend a helping hand to distraught and clueless people who need their expertise. Thus, parents should always sit down, listen to the thoughts of their children and get their opinion especially when touching the sensitive topic of their future because it will help them realize that these young people deserve to make their own decisions and live their life to the fullest as they see fit. But they cannot do so without the unconditional love and undying support of their friends and family therefore these parents should help their kids every step of the way when walking towards their goals and dreams in life.


Aside from working as a specialist in an iPhone service centre in Singapore, there are other career alternative choices for tech savvy geeks and nerds who know their way around gadgets and gizmos. They can become web developers and graphic designers who use their special skills and talents to give exactly what their clients want and need especially when it comes to improving their advertising strategies, marketing plans and brand recognition campaign. They can also work as a video game developer or apps designer for billion-dollar companies like Bethesda, BioWare and Rockstar because they are always looking for young artists with fresh eyes and great ideas that will give them the spark and inspiration that they need.

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